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We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for acrylic/plastic fabrication.
What are the Characteristics of Acrylic Box?

– It acrylic box excellent dimensional stability

– It acrylic box has excellent optical clarity

– It acrylic box has a high resistance to a wide range of chemical substances including inorganic acids and bases among others

– It acrylic box is resistant to weather variations thus suitable for outdoor applications

– It acrylic box bonds well with a wide range of adhesives and solvents

– It acrylic box is rigid, with ideal impact strength

– It acrylic box also has excellent weather ability and resistance to UV rays

Will Acrylic Box for Display Yellow on Sun?

- The truth is that there are different grades of acrylic sheets, which are used for manufacturing acrylic boxes.

- As you can tell, acrylic material comes from completely an inert natural gas, especially when in solid-state.

- Of course, ultraviolet radiation causes a disastrous effect on plastics. However, the American-made acrylic material never yellows in the sun irrespective of how long it’s exposed to sunlight.

- But some types of acrylic materials would yellow in the sun but might take several years.

Are there Limitations on Acrylic Box Sizes?

Not necessarily.

- The fact that acrylic boxes can be fabricated easily makes it suitable for you to form any size of the acrylic box.

- You can assemble big boxes as possible and, at the same time, form as small acrylic boxes as possible.

- And that is the reason you’ll find many users going for customized acrylic display cases.

- It means that they can get any size they’d wish to and one that suits their specific requirements.

- In other words, you have flexibility when it comes to creating the size of the acrylic box that your particular needs and requirements.

Why Acrylic Box?

- Our use extruded acrylic sheet or cast acrylic sheet to custom your acrylic box, you just need to send us your designs, then we will handle the left.

- Made In China acrylic box manufacturing processes include laser cut acrylic box, screen printing on acrylic, acrylic bonding, acrylic box assembly, and more.

- As an ISO 9001 certificated acrylic box supplier, We control the quality of the acrylic box strictly. We can follow up with different standards such as RoHS, REACH, and UL according to your demand.

- As a professional acrylic box manufacturer, We could offer the best clear acrylic display boxes base on your own drawings. So you can focus on how to deliver value to your customers.

Acrylic Box

Get large & small acrylic boxes with lids for wholesale price, including clear display boxes, and acrylic storage containers, an acrylic box with lock. We specialize in creating high-quality, customizable acrylic boxes that cater to a wide range of needs.

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