The Acrylic Tissue Box Is a Must for Highend Hotel Restaurants

2021-06-28 15:24:05

Acrylic tissue boxes for high-end hotel guest rooms are suitable for hotels, bars, living room furniture, KTV and other high-end leisure and entertainment clubs. It is made of 4mm high-quality imported acrylic sheet through cutting, engraving, trimming, polishing, silk printing, hot bending, bonding, and other processes.

Clear Acrylic Tissue Box

The tissue box has an oval design for easy extraction of the paper.

Clear Green Napkin Tissue Box

The custom tissue box itself has been carefully polished, and the edges and corners are designed with arcs, without sharp edges and corners that will not hurt your hands; diamond polishing, the plane is mirror-like and smooth, and the black gloss is more atmospheric; the top cover of the acrylic tissue box is printed with the brand logo using silk-screen technology. Exquisite and unique, other text patterns can also be silk-printed.

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