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Clear Charity Donation Box Acrylic Coin Boxes

Made in China acrylic factory specializes in custom acrylic boxes, And also includes wholesale ballot box with lock, love donation box, corporate suggestion box and packaging box etc, Our most excellent advantage is various acrylic boxes fabrication.
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  • Product Description: Made in China acrylic factory specializes in custom acrylic boxes, And also includes wholesale ballot box with lock, love donation box, corporate suggestion box and packaging box etc, Our most excellent advantage is various acrylic boxes fabrication.
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    Collection Boxes in Clear or Black Acrylic for Donations and Leads
    Locking acrylic donation boxesLooking to collect money for your cause? These acrylic donation boxes are an inexpensive, convenient way to accept small cash gifts at a public event. 
    Their relatively small size allows you to put them just about anywhere - the checkout counter of your store, a table at a fundraiser, a reception desk - you name it, Even clear countertop acrylic donation boxes show donors what kind of effect they can have and foster a sense of group accomplishment.
    It’s all about breaking down the barriers to participation, and these see-through fixtures can make a huge impact on the number of offerings collected. If more discretion is needed, when collecting leads, ballots, and feedback for instance, opaque black collection bins are the way to go.
    For an all-in-one solution, consider acrylic donation boxes with built-in sign holders to display advertisements. Put your cause front-and-center to entice donors to give with a strong, highly visible message. This type of signage is also great for outlining contest rules and potential prizes. Print your own advertisements and notices and easily swap them out as needed.
    Clear acrylic boxes with sign headers present the unique benefit of allowing guests to see what’s inside. With the contents unobscured, potential donors can see the contributions growing and feel compelled to give as well. The signage headers are a breeze to load with your custom signage.
    Acrylic donation boxes with video screenHost a giveaway by encouraging repeat customers to drop off their business cards, Our raffle tickets, entry forms, and suggestion cards are great for improving engagement in . While they may vary in size, each collection bin has a slot that’s big enough for entry stubs, folded ballots, and dollar bills.
    Locking acrylic donation boxes are a simple, elegant way to keep personal information and cash contributions safe from tampering and theft. Some models include side pockets to hold literature so donors can learn more about your cause or forms for quick and easy entry into your contest. We offer inexpensive boxes for organizations on a budget, as well. Smaller units, while more affordable, still offer the same build quality as larger models. Our plastic collection bins also ship same day for those last-minute event planning needs.

    Many Customers Have Purchased Our Acrylic Ballot Box/Donation Box and Commented On Our Products!

    1. These are so wonderful! I was so impressed that they come with 'sticky tape stripes' on the bottom of the box, ready to use! This is so helpful! They are priced so well and have a solid structure (which is hard to find!) The lock is durable and comes with a set of keys. These feel and look like high quality! I am so happy with my purchase and will be ordering more, and you should do the same!
    2. This box was perfect for our office. It was easy for the community to place a dollar donation into the box. The box was easy to unlock and access the money inside for removal.
    3. This is my second order over the last two years for this item. The lock boxes worked perfect for our annual fund raiser last year and we placed another order since the event has grown and it was easy to print up signage to insert in the place provided. Highly recommend this item!
    4. I love these boxes! We are distributing them to local businesses to collect cash donations for our nonprofit food pantry. I put one of our signs in the display slot, and the double-stick tape on the bottom, plus the lock, makes it secure from sticky fingers!
    5. When I received these boxes, I was concerned about the sharp edges jutting out at the back. It really should have been filed smooth to avoid accidents. I hurt myself taking it out of the box. I actually bought them for my young children so they could see how much money they'd saved in their piggy bank. The lock and key is great too so the children can't take their savings out without an adult knowing. (With her traditional piggy bank, my daughter would take the money out to play with and lose it.) It's been working well for this purpose.
    6. Completely worth the money! I'm delighted to say that the little view holders fit postcards, too! In the picture, you'll see I've trimmed about 2 millimeters off a standard postcard to get them to fit inside, but it looks great and professional. Perfect for our little cat sanctuary to set up donation boxes for a fundraising event without investing too much on materials.
    7. This ballot box has been beneficial in more ways than one. We use it for our outside promotional events to receive peoples names and phone number. We also use to to offer better customer service for patient feedback suggestions/comments box. Another use is for our in office raffles to give away our services and products enter to win!! Great price and quality!
    8. We use these to collect veteran donations at various locations around our county. They get a lot of physical abuse on the counter tops at these convenience stores, but they get the job done. Thank you for a great product.

    Need a more permanent donation Ballot Box with a heavy-duty build? Browse our wide selection of locking metal ballot boxes with wall-mounting and floor standing options!


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