Lego Toy Model Display Box with Lock -

Lego Toy Model Display Box with Lock - Clear Display Case

sku:Acrylic Lego Toy Display Box
Made in China acrylic factory specializes in custom acrylic box, And also includes wholesale clear acrylic packaging box, toy box, Lego display box, clear box, acrylic display box etc, Our most excellent advantage is custom acrylic fabrication.

Item NO: ACM-Acrylic Display Boxes-716

Payment: T/T, Western Union, Paypal etc

Product Origin: ShenZhen, China

Color: Transparent or Custom color

Shipping Port: ShenZhen port, China

Lead Time: 20-25 working days

$ 3.5~7.2

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Boxes?
There are a variety of benefits to using acrylic boxes to store goods, In retail stores, they are perfect to use as dump bins that keep your merchandise safe, secure, and beautifully displayed. Accessories, wrapped candy, beauty products, jewelry, and decorative objects are just some of the many examples that work perfectly inside of high clear acrylic boxes. Acrylic display boxes also help preserve the quality of your inventory by protecting your goods from dirt, debris, and dust, while serving as a sleek storage alternative for your at-home needs. Use them inside of your bathroom or kitchen to store cotton balls, soaps, kitchen goods, and other household toiletries. Easy to move around and rearrange, acrylic boxes keep items organized while making it easy to change their placement for ever-changing, dynamic visual displays.
Are Acrylic Boxes Strong?
Yes, acrylic boxes are durable and reliable. Suitable as an impact-resistant alternative to glass boxes, they are also stronger, more shatter-resistant and resistant to the elements and erosion than their glass box counterparts. Acrylic boxes are an ideal solution for in-store displays, because of their resilience to breakage, making them a smart option for visual presentations. It takes a considerable amount of force to crack acrylic boxes compared to glass, so not only it is safer for a retailer it is also a cost-effective, long-term investment.


About Acrylic Display/Acrylic Boxes or Other Acrylic Products Customization:

All our Acrylic Display/Acrylic Boxes are custom, The appearance & structure can be designed according to your requirements, Our designer will also consider according to the practical application and provide you the best & professional advice. So we have MOQ for each item, at least 100PCS per size/per color/per item. 

Creative Design:

We will design according to your product’s market positioning and practical application, Improve your product image and visual experience.

Recommended Plan:

If you do not have clear requirements, please provide us with your products, our professional designer will provide you several creative solutions, and you can choose the best one, We also provide OEM & ODM services.

About The Quotation:

The quotation engineer will provide you a quotation comprehensively, combining the order quantity, manufacturing processes, material, structure, etc.


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